Stacy Allen, the talent behind Mountainside Photo Co., is a natural light photographer and editorial stylist from Birmingham, Alabama. Her talent led her to work in publishing for national magazines, including People Magazine, Southern Living, Private Air Magazine, and Lowe’s Creative Ideas. 

Stacy's interest in photography peaked during high school when she got a job scanning film at a professional photo lab. She was enamored by the industry and soon began borrowing her mother's 35mm SLR camera and shooting on the weekends with friends. A true-blooded introvert, she found it as a way to connect with people without having to use too many words. Soon after diving into this new hobby, the digital age was beginning and she made the switch from film to digital. Photography was always a creative outlet for her, but she didn't start her business until 2010 after her son, Jude was born. She believes that her children played a huge role in inspiring her to start taking pictures professionally. Now in her 30's, she's finally coming back to her roots and experimenting with medium format film. She now offers the option of either digital or film sessions.

 Here's a little sneak peek into her life: